Getting Pressed to Attend Useless Non-Work Related Events, what do I do?

I joined a new team 8 months ago and it seems like my managers keep trying to sign me up for useless non work-related "events" over the weekend / on my personal time. I've already had to do several earlier on this year, and I have repeatedly told them I have no interest in taking part of any of these non work-related "events" but they keep trying to sign me up (and it seems like it's only me, nobody else on our team).

Anyone have advice on what to do here? I find these to be a major waste of my time and honestly it's disrespectful how they are trying to do this despite having already addressed this numerous times before.

These aren't happy hours or conferences either..

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Holy sh*t that's ridiculous.

I hate these events and don't understand the point of these


No one knows what it means but it's provocative


I think conferences and service provider ‘happy hours’ should stick to weekdays. I’ll work on the weekend if it’s mission critical deal related work, but I’m not spending a Saturday night with Dylan from ASU who is trying to sell me Ansarada…

My boss does the same thing and throws random webinars on my calendar. He also says yes to every call invite from third tier placement agents etc. Wish he would respect his own time honestly. I join to take notes and it’s a huge waste of time since I know we’re just going to use the same guys from last time.


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