Group placement for generalist offer?

Hey all, just wondering how group placement works for generalist offers at EBs? I'm an incoming SA at PWP for 2023 but haven't really been networking and just enjoying college tbh. But I also want to make sure I'm not falling behind on group placement stuff. An incoming intern at my firm mentioned that they started networking for group placement, which got me a bit worried. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

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Yep you should definitely be networking. If you do a search there are longer guides to the ins and outs of group placement, but you need to start reaching out to juniors in every group. It's more or less a ranked system, so the top groups will want the top candidates and the "bottom" groups will take people who didn't network.

Good news is PWP doesn't have a huge spread of really top vs really bad groups like some other banks, and class size is small, so you should be fine. But definitely need to keep your foot on the gas here for the next few months.

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Reaching out to juniors in every single group sounds a bit excessive / could draw some negative attention. Maybe I'm wrong, don't know much about PWP group placement. Personally did not network before I started my generalist SA at similar firm

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Is this a US thing or does it apply to the UK too bcos networking is not a part of the recruiting process here and we have group presentation days.

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