Hair loss

Any IB guys get a hair transplant after IB and do you have a full head of hair/smooth hairline?

Im losing at a crazy clip and I think it’s this job. Used to have a full head of healthy hair and I wanna have that again.

Curious to hear about the hair plugs experience and would prefer that over the counter stuff

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Someone above said it's not your job, it's your genes and they are spot-on.  While general hair fallout can be expected with extreme stress, if it's thinning in a classical male balding pattern, then it's genes.  The only real thing that will keep your hair is finasteride or duasteride.  The topical regimens don't succeed in completely halting or reversing hair loss for the majority of people.  They can have a synergistic effect if used in conjunction with finasteride or duasteride though.  The latter is more effective but with potentially stronger side effects.  FUE is the best type of transplant you can get and pretty much looks totally natural when done right.  However, depending on the donor area, the dermatologist might recommend you go on finasteride after.  I don't have a transplant but started taking Fin 10 years ago and have largely maintained exactly what I had.  Wish I started sooner tbh but contemplating if FUE makes sense because I don't want to take a drug my whole life.

I personally experienced something similar, but I was able to slow it down by taking Vitamin D supplements. My family genes are actually decent for hair, but in my mid-twenties I started losing clumps of hair every day, my hairline started receding all around, and I developed a bald spot on the back of my head.

Genes play the main role as everyone else has already said, but if you're like me and only see a few hours of sunlight a week, you probably aren't getting enough Vitamin D which can cause premature hair loss.

Even if it doesn't work, it's worth a shot as supplements are only like $15 a bottle and there are probably other benefits.

I also have a friend who actually lost all of his hair in his twenties and he had really good results from a transplant in Turkey. 

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