HL is Increasing the Salaries for Analysts

I work in a main HL office (think NY or London) and some MDs have confirmed, informally though, that analysts will receive base salary bumps in August to align base compensation with the rest of the street.

Any of you monkeys have further insights on this? I excpect base in NY to be bumped to An1 $120k / An2 $130k / An3 $140k and in London to An1 £80k / An2 £90k / An3 £100k.


Wasnt HL not already paying street level or slightly above in London??


Analyst 3+ in IB-M&A

who cares about what back office gets paid

L chain


65-70 is London street, £80k would definitely put them in a select few in London.


Yeah I also work in a main HL office think (Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Washington D.C, etc).

Dude just say the office, either NY or London, or don't say it at all. Obviously NY and London are the main offices.


Incoming An1 at HL, fwiw I have not heard anything regarding salary bumps


What? Currently at HL but haven’t heard anything about the asso base bump. You mean new base will be ~200 (up from 175) for asso1? Is it CF or RX only?


Seems like false info. Unless it was specific to London, there weren’t any associate raises outside of the typical annual bump that I’m aware of.


Think this is only a London thing. Another thread someone confirmed 30k increase for assoc in London


Just confirmed, salaries are under review across all positions. New bases would be in line with the evr/gugg/ghl. No change confirmed, just under review.


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