How important is the Suited test?

Not gonna lie I feel like I bombed the “essential competencies” part. I wasn’t anywhere near finishing any of the sections. And I noticed that several of my top choice banks use them which is worrying because now I feel like I just fucked over my chances at all of them, because apparently once you take it that score gets sent to EVERY FIRM you apply to.

To anyone currently in the SA recruiting process, how close were y’all to finishing any of the sections? Pretty sure I didn’t even make it halfway thru most of them lmao. Anyone else feel like they bombed and still get a first round?

To people at firms that use Suited, how important is the test? Is it just an HR screen thing to make sure I’m not a complete retard or do you actually use it to decide on candidates?

Just feeling kinda duped and don’t know what to do, anything helps


Think you missed the point of the test mate. It's meant to measure your traits and aptitudes, not to judge if you're an idiot. You can't really "fail" it similar to Pymetrics. Banks will use it to see if you're a good fit for a certain position.

In the UK we do psychometric tests all the time and there are many where they don't expect you to "finish".


I think the assessments matter a lot. I tried recruiting last cycle (obviously wasn't successful lol) after my freshman year at a non-target. I had no finance experience whatsoever. For my Morgan Stanley app, I had to do some bs tests. I knew I killed them though, and I ended up getting a first round there. The characters first test where you had like a minute to evaluate same or different I probably only got 15-20 done. The second character matching multiple correct portion I got somewhere around 25/30 done. The logical statement ones I ended up finishing it all because I know the rules pretty well. Math one I probably got 20 ish done. Looked like there were 30 total. The math one had some wack ass patterns though not gonna lie. It's a pretty hard test, so don't feel bad.

If I'm being honest, I'm pretty sure the firms that partner with Suited use it to ding most of the apps they get (assuming they don't meet a high percentile/score cutoff). Banks want to avoid having to sift through the large amount of apps they get, so using these assessments to eliminate as many students as possible saves them time.

I disagree with the poster above because it's not like the only thing was a personality test. Yes there was a 100 question psychometric test, but I don't think they really put that much focus on that unless you have really bad answers. They definitely use "essential competencies" test to cut out people in my opinion.

And yeah I agree it sucks that they use your first attempt at all banks you apply to that use Suited. Best of luck dude. Don't dwell on this too much


OP here, forgot abt this thread. Good news is I ended up at a large MM that doesn't use Suited, then recruited FT and will start at a BB after i graduate this summer. So if you bomb it's not the end of the world. Bad news is I did not get interviews for SA at any of the places that did use it - but interestingly I interviewed at a few of these firms for FT (over a year later). I think your scores expire after a year or two. Seems like some firms care about it more than others, but still a bit of a mystery tbh


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