In denial about SA 2025 Offer

I know this sounds really silly but I finally got an offer that I accepted a couple weeks ago for SA 25 but like am still worried it will somehow get taken away. Like I legitimately look at the acceptance letter daily and even emailed the recruiter to confirm post accepting.

When I was offered the position they phoned me and I signed the letter and everything. Analysts even suddenly connected with me on linkdin as well as the MD who interviewed me.

But I still wake every day and am so scared they will randomly rescind my offer or they accidentally meant to give it to someone else. Idk if anyone can relate! But just wanted to share this experience I’m going through cause it’s been causing me a lot of anxiety lol. Idk if anyone has any tips or maybe this will get better with time.

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In all seriousness if you have the grit to land an SA offer you will be fine in life even if your offer gets rescinded.

Unless your life goal is PE MF your first job in college does not really matter that much. It helps a lot and can save a few extra years of grinding, but that’s it.

Also your offer won’t be rescinded. You are probably neurotic as fuck like me as well- I went through this exact same thing. There’s always something to worry about in life- a wrinkle that doesn’t go away. On some real shit you should try therapy because I am 99% sure you probably worry about other random useless 1% odds shit.


I remember this feeling, and I think it is fairly normal. This is what it feels like to have something to lose. Remind yourself that you worked hard for this opportunity and do not let self-doubt/pity creep in. I would recommend chilling out and drinking a beer. 

Everything in life boils down to:

1) Things you can control, and;

2) Things you cannot control 


Was the same way with my FT offer. I printed it out so I could physically hold it because it didn’t feel real. It won’t feel real for the first few weeks when you actually start too. But, as others have said, chill out—you’ll be fine.


You sound retarded but I went through similar when I got mine haha chill out everything is fine maybe go back home and chill with your parents for a bit that always kills my anxiety


Went through the same exact thing. For me it was more of a subtle, back of the head concern that “yeah, this could get taken away” and it didn’t help this was during Covid when tons of offers were being pulled and delayed. Unfortunately for me it didn’t go away until I hit the desk. You’re gonna be just fine, good luck.


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