Investment Banks as NHL Players

In light of similar posts, here's my comparison to current NHL players

******I am a kid in college and don't know shit about the industry******


GS = McDavid. Consensus best player

MS = Draisaitl

JPM = Matthews

Top 3 in league imo

BofA = Rantanen

Citi = M. Tkachuk

Excellent players, but not quite in that top 5 debate

Barclays = Panarin. European player that is extremely solid

Deutsche Bank = Grubauer. Decent goaltender, out of his prime. Also German

UBS = Karlsson (kind of). Renaissance of a year (acquiring CS) maybe gives him a few more looks in the future, even though has an injury riddled past

Credit Suisse =  Huberdeau. Used to be a monster, and went to shit real quick. Questionable future


CVP = MacKinnon. Killing it right now

Moelis = Kucherov. Bro is a monster

Evercore = Kaprizov. Elite talent that has exploded in recent years

Lazard = Petterssen. Foreign player that has climbed his way to the top

Undebatable Elite Players, cornerstone players to build a team around

PWP = J. Hughes. Maybe too high of a praise tbh but young talent that is developing fast

PJT = Keller. Not the most attention because of a small franchise but an elite talent

Younger players that/have proved their status as heavy hitters

Greenhill = Perry. Used to be an amazing player, now washed


Rothschild = Kuzmenko. Foreign import that has proven a good ability to play in North America. Really nice 2nd line player

Jefferies = Nylander. Continues to impress on the point sheet despite criticisms (lazy player/bad culture)

RBC = Stutzle. Foreign import that shows lots of promise

Qatalyst = Thompson. Specializes in one thing (goal scoring/tech) but is elite in that department

FT Partners = Pastrnak. Similar to Qatalyst but is a bit older and established

Ducera = Doughty. Good player but an asshole

HL = Nugent-Hopkins. Great at one niche (2-way/RX) but still a solid talent overall


Makar is better than Matthews. Even Tkachuck is better than matthews rn. Matthews is not top 3.


Matthews isn’t a top 3 player in the league are you fried? Mcdavid, Draisitl, Barkov, Tkachuk, and Mackinnon. Also, Kucherov over Mackinnon? The fuck? You have Panarin as well in this top 10? Where is barkov? Makar is way more valuable to his team than Matthews is - albeit Makar’s injury this year. Tkachuk carried that Florida panthers team on his back to the playoffs, and then to the finals along with Barkov being a monster two way guy.


Agree with most of this but I'd take Matthews over Barkov. He put up 60 goals just a year ago. Sure, Barkov has a great 2 way game but AM34 is a lethal goal scorer. I'd rank him somewhere in the 6-8 range of top players in league after McDavid, Drai, Makar, Mackinnon, probably Vasi, Tkachuk, Pasta

Especially agree on the Panarin point. He was brutal in playoffs this year


I am going to write more here, was typing on my iPhone. Panarin, the overrated fuck shouldn't be anywhere near this convo. Kucherov should not be above Kaprizov here. Why is jack hughes after petterssen, most predictable player to play against. Keller is not elite. He's a star but like Zegras, talented star but not elite. Why is Huberdeau questionable, considered CS? He's bene consistent, and to be fair all of Calgary had a shit year.  Karlsson, is a generational talent defensemen, who is likely going to win his third norris in his career; injuries did pile up and UBS is turning it around so maybe they both alien.

Matthews is great, but coming from Toronto, I don't like his attitude. Seems like he's fucking around on the media so he can not extend before July 1st, so he can hold all the cards to tell Toronto where he wants to go when he inevitably says he is not re-signing. Fuck you Dubas. 

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