IT issues at your bank?

Hi fellow monkeys,

I work in a London bank at CW in good team where the hours are not bad, people are friendly and overall very good environment. However, there is one issue that bothers me inmensively and I guess it happens all accross the street, but just to get your take on it ...

Our computers are bloated with useless software, anti-virus, security protocols and other useless programs that completely ruin our workflow, you spend a lifetime learning the shortcuts for everything and the computer freezes sending an emai ... 

It is very frustrating that you go home with your personal laptop and things goes fast, and the moment I switch to my work laptop the time stops. Do you have any advice on how to tackle this issue? Does it happen in smaller shops where perhaps the systems are lighter?

My bank is known for the quantity of useless systems that we use, but wondering if you have any strategies to raise in an effective way. It is a pretty small topics for the seniors, and I do not want to be seem as the only guy that complains about the computer. 

Thanks in advance,

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Had this experience at both banks I worked at. Similar to you, I was the guy who really wanted to know WTF was happening.

The addressable problem IMHO is that the top of the IT department just wants more security and more features all the time.  They don’t understand speed, and they especially don’t understand the negative impact of tiny losses in speed throughout the day. 

Furthermore their reasons for preferring security & features are selfish. It’s about increasing their power by growing their fiefdom. Bureaucratic mindset.

So complaining to them about productivity never works. They don’t understand and/or don’t care. 

The pressure has to come from a senior manager who understands the problem and the misaligned incentives. Someone needs to check the IT head who keeps telling tall tales of cybersecurity nonsense just to increase his own importance.


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