Long Term Career in IB or Consulting? (Canada)

Hey guys, student in Canada looking for some insight about the finance industry up here.

I'm looking for a more long-term career in finance rather than jumping firms. I've heard a lot about IB in Canada being good for career bankers which is exactly what I'm leaning toward but I wanted to know a bit more about other areas of the industry.

1: Is MBB or Big 4 consulting a stable, well-paying, long-term career choice up here in Canada?

2: I've also heard about other jobs such as Asset Management and Corporate Development but I hear much less about it at my school. Last year I think around 50% of the class went into the more common industries (IB/Consulting/ER/S&T). AM and Corp Dev/Fin only had a few people so I'm not sure if those types of jobs are worth it in Canada. Or do most people go into AM and Corp Dev as an exit opportunity to IB?

3: Is career banking in Canada a good choice for a long-term "relatively" stable career in finance? Would it be realistic to join in as an analyst and gun for higher up positions like VP/D/MD?

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Apr 16, 2018 - 11:58am
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