MD faux pass

Analyst at BB in M&A. Last weekend my team went out for dinner after finishing a deal. For context I’m not much of a drinker as I spent most of my time studying in college at a t5 university (ivy) and I was not really the party type. Anyway, I ordered a Negroni because that’s what my MD ordered, and I about matched his pace drinking. Truth be told, he has a much higher tolerance than I do. I started to get pretty drunk, and as he was telling a story he mentioned going to the gym everyday and out of nowhere I blurted out “we get it you’re hot”. Yes he is very hot and no I do not know why I said that. I am so unbelievably embarrassed. Everyone continued on and laughed it off until we were all saying our goodbyes for the night and I leaned in to kiss him. Again, what was I thinking. He politely moved away and said he has a wife and kids. I am absolutely mortified and it is so awkward with everyone I work with. Yes he is attractive and I’m not exactly Ryan gosling but I’d say I’m like a New York 6 with good money. I hope he may understand that I am young and was dumb & drunk. Thought maybe my attractiveness can help? What do I do? Help pls. Terrified for the call from HR.


Perfect, if you get a call from HR just accuse them of being homophobic. 

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Would believe this if OP was a female analyst. Post sounds like it’s written by one tbh


3/10 Troll.  Would have been more believable if you said you were a girl.


I have definitely seen and heard of stuff like this happening between female and male analysts, which is understandable and not uncommon

I even saw a female analyst get in an uber with a vp from another group after a night of drinking, maybe they carpooled..

But this post is a low quality troll


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