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I know some banks situate Media and Entertainment within TMT, and others do so within Media and Communications. My question is, is there even enough to cover within the media sector to have MDs who focus specifically on it? Or do MDs in those groups tend to also cover tech and/or telecom in order to bring in sufficient deal activity? In other words, are there enough multi-billion-dollar deals in Media and Entertainment to justify multiple MDs per group who cover the sector?

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For sure! There's Film & Television, Diversified Media, Publishing, Digital Media, Broadcasting, Gaming, Sports, Audio, Content Entertainment, Outdoor Advertising, Movie Theaters (usually called Theatrical Exhibition), and some groups have Music companies also. And that's just the Media & Entertainment side. On the Communications side, you have Data Infrastructure, Towers, Cable, Fiber, and Satellites. But every group is different and some groups will take or leave some of these as well as just being busier in some of these subsectors than others. There's a lot more activity in these spaces than most people would think or what's normally talked about on here. Hope that helps!


Unfortunately, there aren't many... So many banks lump both media and entertainment into their TMT groups so many online resources really only focus on the tech companies. I would say the best way to learn more about the sector is to connect with other bankers in groups that are only media, entertainment, and communications focused. I think after people get their full-time offers, graduate and hit the desk, they stop networking! There's nothing wrong with networking and reaching out. And there's also no better way to learn than speaking to the person doing it. Hope this helps. 


Of course.

You have great companies such as Raine focusing on those sectors


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