Question from Bullpen: quality of toilets

Hey guys. Serious question. 
I got major issues with the stalls in the office toilets. Since rot is a real thing, I am thinking about moving to a bank with fully enclosed toilet partitions. Although this sounds like a joke, during my MBA I have become accustomed to using my own bathroom during zoom classes.
Relying on the community for this one. Anyone know which banks on the street have the best toilets. Thank you.   

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Incoming PE analyst here (Was on zoom this summer). Honestly, the biggest thing I'm worried about for when I start work is having to learn to shit in public restrooms. Pretty much my entire life, I've been privileged in having my own, clean bathroom at home. I have a huge phobia of shitting in unclean restrooms and rlly don't wanna have to do that in those heavily-used office-building restrooms. Luckily, I don't shit more than once a day so hopefully I could time it for when I'm at home, but I know that I have to work long hours and could eat some bad take-out or something, so it really frightens me. Was able to scrape by in college by shitting right after the janitors cleaned the restrooms each day and also lived off-campus later on.

You will learn to hold in your shit until it makes an internal farting noise, as if you've just defecated back into your body. Hopefully no one around you will point it out to embarrass you but they'll hear it. Try coughing when this happens but don't shit your pants.  

When you get a chance, get your ass to the nearest starbucks and strip down for some explosive single bathroom shitting. Then get dressed and go back to your prison.

My prior firm’s office would be your worst nightmare. Imagine your office being on a floor with 80 people of which it’s 70+ are men. Then imagine a single men’s restroom with two stalls and two urinals.

It was like the rush hour subway traffic during prime shitting hours in the morning and early afternoon. When an md was fucking with you he literally had a stick in his ass.

Worst thing was when I was working really late one night and we were on the other side of the office from the men’s room so I used the women’s restroom. 5 stalls for like less than 10 women. Do the math on the ratios of toilets to men/women.

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