Roommate has a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room

I know this is not directly IB related, but curious as to how I should approach a mildly irritating situation.

My roommate (1st year analyst at B-tier BB, think Deutsche, Nomura, etc.) who I was not too close with before moving to nyc has recently installed both a humidifier and a dehumidifier in our apartment living room.

He claims that he read some research article about air optimization and how you need to keep constant circulation and changing forms (I don’t understand I studied history and English in college). Anyways, they are both these really expensive and large machines he has setup in opposite corners of our living room and half of the room feels extremely moist when you walk by and the other half very dry. Not to mention there is constant humming and buzzing that is starting to really get on my nerves. Obviously, with the poor IB work-life balance and all I want to ensure the best living conditions as possible for health and wellness, but this seems a little overkill.

He is also currently researching air purifiers to add to the setup. Any advice on how I should deal with this? We will be living together for the next two years.

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You need to double down on his strategy in order to indicate to him how absurd his logic is. Insist that in order to keep air quality consistent, he purchase both humidifiers and dehumidifiers for every room of your building, including bathrooms and closets. Emphasize your serious concern for your health, and tell him you can already feel the health benefits from the setup he has compiled in the living room. If he asks you to split the costs with him, tell him you are in the process of updating all air filters throughout your unit, a $1,000 expense that you are happy to cover due to the inherent health benefits you will realize in the next two years. 

To really confuse him, pick up smoking vapes and proclaim that the smooth vapor from the device helps cleanse your internal organs, much like the humidifiers and dehumidifiers do to the living room. 


You should only mess with his set up if you work at a better bank. 
Are you at an EB or A-tier BB (think GS, MS, JPM, HSBC, etc. ) 

If so, I would talk to him. If not, just stay in your room. 

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