Special Opportunities Fund

Hi all, posting in this forum as there are more readers. Im making the switch from M&A and I'm looking at an associate role at a special situations fund. Wanted to understand the perceptions of these funds and exit opportunities.

The fund is focused on privately originated investments, backed by financial or real estate assets. 2/3rds of their investments tend to be debt, and 1/3 equity.

The focus is on distressed or turnaround situations where the company is suffering a liquidity event. Investments are typically $20mm + in sub $50mm EBITDA companies, with a five year hold.

Clearly quite a specific focus, so I wanted to get a view on the likelihood of exiting into traditional Private Equity if I wanted to make that switch down the line.


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Smartmoney, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Unlikely as your modelling skills, operational turnaround skills are not developed in that role. It is fundamental research based. MOre likely to exit to credit hedge funds.

Banker007, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Fair view. I think modeling will be a key focus, but on structuring the investment to minimize risk. Agree that there will be less focus on operations which is why I'm thinking about. Have a strong equity background given a decent number of years in M&A. Credit is a good play today by may not be te case in the upswing. That's why I'm considering exit into equity in the future, at which point im thinking that low labour supply of investment professionals will make me more attractive as opposed to remaining in an M&A advisory role for another few years.

Banker007, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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