Too Late to Cold Email for SA IB/PE Internship?

For context, I'm a final year student from a non-target with three internships in back-end corporate finance at different firms. My GPA isn't too impressive, so to counter that, I began learning financial modelling and CFA L1 studies. I'm a bit late to the search for an internship into IB/PE, and I've read the various cold emailing guides. I'm trying to position myself for full-time hiring in Summer 2021 with my current focus split between investment banking and consulting. I'm also reaching out to previous employers for coffee, and looking to reach out to cosulting firms throughout January.

So the only question left is: am I too late to start for SA 2020 internship? Should I shift focus to SA 2021 instead?


If you don't mind me asking, did you have a prior connection to the people you networked with or was it purely through cold call/email?


Are you too late? Not necessarily, there are regional boutiques that run processes on an ongoing basis. That being said, still being split focused between IB and Consulting is not a good sign at all, you need to choose one and dedicate youself to it.

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