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I know Marshall undergrad is ranked 8th on USnews and 1st on P&Q but I’m wondering in the real world how good Marshall undergrad is for getting into the IB world specifically in SF/LA (preferably SF). Also if someone would care to comment how MBB/Big4 recruiting there is in case I want to go that route. Thank you so much :))


I just graduated but I’d say for LA/SF definitely a target. The TIS Mentorship program places people everywhere from BB/EB/MM and is growing a stronger pipeline every year. Highly rec usc overall amazing social life balance with strong academics wouldn’t want to go anywhere else in LA. You have everything you need it’s really up to you at that point to get to where you want!


Hello! Thank you so much for your response :)) what would you say that USC undergrad placement for IB/MBB is similar to? like which schools? If my dream end goal is GS/MS in SF, do you think that’s achievable? And sorry for all the questions but last one I promise! How hard is it to get into the TIS mentorship program? Thank you!


There's a handful of threads on this already,

USC is very good for LA/SF. Have seen plenty of others on LinkedIn that will or currently be in SF. LA IB is generally much smaller so recruiting will still be tough but if you network enough you shouldn't have a problem. There are 3 main finance clubs on campus (TIS, GIS, VIG), though not being in them won't be a dealbreaker, but the mentorship programs in these clubs if you can get in will help you a lot.

As far as consulting goes, there's probably like 10 consulting clubs on campus at this point. MBB recruits here and had a couple friends in these clubs case prepping few months ago, I'm not sure on how many people typically get offers tho


Hello! Thank you so much for your response :)) what would you say that USC undergrad placement for IB/MBB is similar to? like which schools? If my dream end goal is GS/MS in SF, do you think that's achievable? And sorry for all the questions but last one I promise! How hard is it to get into the TIS mentorship program? Thank you!


Tough to compare to other schools, but if we are just talking about West Coast they are typically third for IB behind Stanford and UCB. Overall tho they are prolly similar to like Emory, Vandy, Tufts, and maybe Northwestern in terms of overall placement. Again, tough to compare tho because some of those are better for NY and some for West Coast


Yeah it’s attainable but of course it’s going to be tough. Just go on linked in and see all the usc alumni from those firms I have some friends that are at both I went to usc with. Also tis mentorship takes around 40 people. Would say it’s not crazy hard just got to show u would take recurring seriously because the placement percentage from that club is almost 100%


Thank you for responding :)) Obviously I don’t expect you to know this lol, but do you have an idea of how many people apply for mentorship program? like if it’s 40 get in out of 50 or is it 200 lol? and also if you’re in TIS, is it easy to get into the mentorship part? Thank you so much!


I’d say usc is comparable to ucla, Berkeley hard to say outside of california schools because they all have diff pipelines to diff locations


Like I said usc people place everywhere LA NY SF mainly and across different firm names and sizes. Whatever firm ur interested just go on LinkedIn and filter by alumni. They place in BB MBB and especially big four audit consulting firms


So this is what I found from linkedin using USC filter:

McKinsey: 181

Bain: 124

BCG: 177

GS: 274

MS: 293

Deloitte: 974

EY-P: 750

KPMG: 567

PWC: 742

These numbers are filtered by current company and school. I have no point of reference for if these numbers are good/represent a target/semi-target. These numbers include ALL locations. What do you think?


Make sure to filter by job function too just cause they are at that firm doesn’t mean they do IB lol they are so many other job roles too


to answer some of ur questions:

tis mentorship typically gets 100-150 applicants, class size was expanded to 45 kids this year. getting in is pretty much guaranteed if you do tis leaders for both semesters so would definitely recommend that

gs/ms in sf is doable but still quite difficult ngl - we typically send 1 kid a year to each


first of all would change ur username to something not ur real name

second please chill out lol

third i would apply in the spring semester of freshman year, understand what IB is and why you want to do it, know some basic technicals, and reach out to the directors of leaders and coffee chat them to get them to like you :)


It’s really that bad? I mean it must have been some help as you’re at a very good place :/ right? Should I look towards transferring out of USC? Again, I’m also only looking towards SF/LA really for post-grad

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you have a point tbh.. placement was lowkey atrocious this year


Placement is good. Obviously getting to NY will be rough if that's your goal. Have seen a handful of people place at BB's in SF and NY. People who are saying kids didn't place at GS / MS / JPM are only surrounding themselves with other geeds and aren't participating in Greek life- almost certainly. Same goes for big 4. Easily doable if you start early.

Being in the clubs mentioned before is certainly what you want to do, but it's not all. To maximize your network at USC you should consider joining both greek and clubs. close with a few mentorship leaders from last year and they agree.

Have personally seen upperclassmen from this past year place in GS / MS / JPM in NY and SF. Lot of connections made at the school. You can do it, start early. Have a handful of graduates I know who are in NY at BB's.


Thank you so much for your input! My only worry regarding greek life is that I am a very openly gay person (#hopetocountasdiversityhire lol) and I’m unsure how safe I’d feel around greek life


It's fine, doesn't matter. There are houses that are accepting of that, and some that aren't as much. There's a place for you. Do not be discouraged. Rising senior. Know a few kids in your situation who have been very happy with their house. You're also opening yourself up to a way better experience to meet a lot more people, and do a lot more things than the non-Greek student. Rush sign up is out already. See you in the fall.


i dont really agree - TIS leaders/mentorship has lots of greek life kids nowadays and theres a lot of overlap. we send a good amount of kids to jpm in ny & sf for sure but that's because they dont do school/networking-based recruiting

gs/ms a lot tougher to break into especially this previous cycle

OP, since you are diversity you will have a relatively easier time getting your foot in the door - no need to join greek life if that's not your thing. i have experience with that process and will PM you


That’s fine if you don’t agree. I’m in TIS, as is nearly every individual in Greek life pursuing finance. The opposite cannot necessarily be said with truth. I’m heavily involved with both. There are more kids in clubs that aren’t in Greek life, than kids in Greek life who aren’t in those clubs. And I don’t mean a business fraternity, not the same thing.

You don’t need to join it, sure. But you will certainly be much better acquainted than someone who isn’t. If you say otherwise, think again. Your network increases exponentially and you’re increasing your chances of knowing someone who knows someone, who can help you. Aside from the purpose of networking, you’ll have a lot more fun too. They are understanding if you cannot afford dues and will compensate. Again, there’s a place for everyone. If you’re worried, take the risk! It’s worth it. You’ll find your crowd.


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