Wells Fargo Vs. Macquarie Vs. Mizuho SA 2024

Was fortunate enough to receive offers from these firms during this cycle. Does anyone have any insights in terms of which firm would be better for next summer? All are based out of NY. Wells and Mizuho are TMT group, and Mac is gaming group. Which one would have better exits and also a higher possibility of FT/lateraling to another bank in the future? Appreciate any advice!

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I’d say if you want exposure to advisory, it would be between Macquarie or WF. Between the two, I am not familiar enough with the groups so take this lightly. I know Macquarie has a good Infra team that places well into pe… From what I know with their gaming group, they get solid deal flow and they pay the street. They also work with some big name MFs. I don’t know a lot about WF’s TMT group, but I’m guessing it’s sturdy with solid MM PE exits.


Wells Fargo ramped up their TMT team with the new hires. I have seen both Mizuho and Macquarie on deals recently ( Miz and Mac on a software deal). However, in terms of future outlooks, Wells’ aggressive expansion will probably show results. 


Mizuho doesn't even come close to the other two. I'd say go Wells


From what I know, Macquarie’s gaming group is strong but the heavy hitters and most of the group is LA-based, so if the offer is for NY you may get a slightly diluted experience. Not sure about TMT group at Wells specifically but there seems to be a lot of positive momentum there institutionally with recent senior hires across the franchise.


I would personally take Wells TMT. Both Mac and Wells is ahead of Mizuho, but Wells as a platform is performing much better and bringing in heavy hitters from other banks. I know Gudofsky who ran TMT at CS joined this year. 

If you are into gaming, why didn't you go for the REGAL group at Wells? They have one of the best REGAL teams on the street 


Wells is far better than the other two

so mizuho is bringing on a bunch of GHL MDs that have underperformed for a decade and that’s suppose to make them better ?? The good MDs that they did have are out soon too 


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