What are some Houston O&G boutiques - Non-BB / EB

I’m a '23 grad from an Ivy and gathered a decent amount of experience before landing a buyside SA with a FT option. I took the SA but then forewent the FT as my parents’ small co took a turn for the worse and it felt selfish to leave them hanging. Instead, after graduating, I took over the “business” side of things, and it has improved significantly - margin expansion, expanded customer base and growth, appropriate employee management, etc. However, I still have the desire to come back to finance but not sure if it’s a feasible option. I’m a Houston native, and I don’t mind doing O&G banking long-term. Ideally, would want to be at one of the BBs or top boutiques. Is the only way to break back in only via an MBA? Appreciate any insight on this.

Had made the post above and appreciate all the insight that was given on that thread. Since then, I’ve been mass applying to any corp fin related roles and have been trying to speak to some people at some of the more recognizable banks in Houston. Given that it’s very hard to directly break into these as a result of my position, I wanted to hone in on smaller boutiques that might be more open to an unconventional candidate like myself. I know there’s Intrepid but wanted to know if you guys had some info as to any potentially useful / interesting options in the smaller space. Thanks! 


Jeff is pretty much top dog in energy so consider them to be on the more difficult side to get in for me although would love to be there. Have also tried with the banks in the tier you mention.


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