Where does Gotham rank amongst cities for IB?

With around 10,000,000 people it’s is quite a large city, around the size of NY. While also being in the North East it is presumably one of the business centers of the world. At the same time, why put your firm in Gotham rather than NY?

When you take in to count how dangerous of a city it is, I can’t really see it being above Chicago. I think I’d rank it higher than any of the southern cities, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, even Charlotte.

But how does Gotham compare to a city like SF? Both have their problems and drawbacks, but I can definitely see Gotham being more favorable.

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Gotham is definitely a T1 city, given WayneTech and Wayne Enterprises are multibillion dollar conglomerates and the Wayne family continually backs social spending programs from the liquidity events they’ve experienced after they IPO’d last year.

While insurance underwriting is very costly considering the regional risks, there’s a large amount of capital flowing through the city, and the Gotham National Bank consistently struggles to keep up with the amount of liquidity required by the fed from just such a large amount of demand from the locals.

The Wayne Family Office consistently reinvests in local real estate rebuilding, local bonds to finance public infrastructure, and prison industrial complexes and mental health facilities, alongside bars, restaurants, and other businesses, not to mention supply chain infrastructure and power.

While cities like star city and metropolis have their own multi billionaire tycoons, Luthor is a controversial public figure who’s repeatedly taken jail time and Oliver Queen is never around to actually focus on his company or his city, disappearing for months, if not years, on end.

Not to mention the fact that metropolis is probably 10x more dangerous than Gotham seeing as how whenever Superman fights doomsday skyscrapers in downtown consistently gets demolished, and the casualties from collateral damage are endless, and without charitable endeavors, the city’s municipal bonds are rated Caa2 from the constant necessity of new money and a lack of cash flow from outside investors.


after reading this I'd be very interesting how companies bond rating would get impacted if superpowers were real? If NYC is a major battledome would banks and other companies headquartered there go down in rating as the whole company could get annihilated one random afternoon


Hmm, honestly tho judging by the facts that I have I’d have to disagree. I’d assume that Gotham exists pretty far into the future, with its tech and innovation that has enabled superheros/villains. I would assume that by that time, human population probably has grown quite a bit so 10,000,000 while nothing to scoff at, is less impressive than we would consider today. It also seems the city is dominated by WayneTech and adjacent businesses, but considering that it doesn’t seem many other big businesses (think multi-billion level) are present, and how poorly developed a good chunk of the city is with rampant crime/undercity, I would presume it’s more akin to cities like something of the likes of Charlotte, which is dominated by like 1-2 big companies HQs, has some other companies present but not as big, and that’s it. Probably more reasonable to put it at a T2/T3. All for-fun analysis anyhow but that’s my take.


Well Chicago doesn’t have supervillains like bane and the joker constantly reeking havoc on the city. Let alone the Falcone and Maroni mob families running the city of Gotham, I’m sure it’s more dangerous than Chicago.


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