Will WHU Otto Beisheim MFin be a good option for me ?

I want to choose WHU Otto Beisheim MFin as a second choice after HEC Paris. Will it be a good choice?

My profile:

CGPA 3.81/4

ECA: Was a president of the finance club, Conduct many events, and participated as well as won some competitions.

Internship: At a local bank and at a growing startup as a growth manager

Expected GMAT score: 700+ (Let's have hope for it)

Language: Bangla, Hindi, English, German (B2), French (A1)

My target is always IB and I want to apply for the master's program as soon as I finish my bachelor's program. HEC Paris but I guess it would be a risky move since HEC Paris has an acceptance rate of 12% only and that's why I want to put WHU on the list. As I know German quite well, I feel I can have some advantage in Germany but unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone from India or any neighboring countries who completed Mfin from WHU and got an IB role which is not the case for HEC Paris at all!  Is WHU worth it after all?


As a German national, let me give you my perspective.

WHU is a respectable uni in Germany and the network is supposedly very helpful from what I have heard (albeit Frankfurt school would be a much better choice in terms of private universities geared towards IB since WHU is more entrepreneurial in nature). GMAT score appears to be an overkill for that kind of university though.

Overall, if you plan on working in Germany, WHU is not going to be the issue and should help you get a foot in the door. However your internships will be a major obstacle since you don't have any IB related ones.

Hope it helped!


Big4 audit is really easy to get in; M&A/TAS require

some experience and decent grades but with a

master from a solid Uni line Mannheim/WHU/FS you re definitely overqualified. Feel free to dm me if you have any other questions.


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