Worst Case Scenario for International Student in IB?

Hi fellow monkeys,

I'm a 1st year analyst at a BB. I'm an international student on OPT (STEM extension available). I'm not from India or China.

In the long run, I don't want to 1) return to my third-world home country and 2) spend money on an MBA because that's essentially gambling with the H1B lottery again. I want to work permanently in the US/Canada. I'm also open to London if those 2 options don't work out.

What would happen if I strike out on the H1B lottery 3 times? What did HR at your firm do with international analysts/associates that didn't get the H1B 3 times?

Would love to hear your stories. Thanks!


Either move you to London or some other financial hubs.

For example, if you're from Indonesia they can try moving you to their Singapore office if you're open to that. 


Hi! I'm an international here (also not from India or China) with a STEM OPT and is about to start work as an IB associate soon. To your questions, I believe you have 4 chances, as opposed to 3 chances, at the H1-B with your STEM OPT, and this means you have a pretty darn good shot at the H1-B visa but you may want to fact check how many chances you have with your school's international student office. If that fails, however, I've heard directly from a couple of associates that they were transferred to London or Canada and then the bank would later bring them back on an L-1 visa. I'm not sure about analysts but I'm thinking it may be the same. I hope that helps!


Do you know how long after transferring to another office they bring you back to the U.S office?


Do people know that H1b's are massively oversubscribed at the moment? It would be useful to check the numbers for the ongoing FY and then also reference against ongoing layoffs within banking. The odds aren't good at all. And to simply assume that the candidate will get placed in London or another country is also not always right, as the industry issues are more global this time.

Our H1b candidates didn't get selected and we simply dropped them as a candidate.


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