Worth it to get a minor before graduating?

Hi monkeys. I have a pretty dumb question but have been struggling a good bit trying to figure this out, and I felt like you all would have some good perspective for me. I'm graduating next Spring and will join FT in MM IB. I had a good bit of AP credits going into college, so I will be done with all my graduation requirements at the end of this semester (majoring in business/finance at non-target).

My question is if it's worth getting a minor before graduating to give me something to do in college. It would be a joint minor in literature/history so probably pretty useless for future recruitment. I've already taken a couple of classes, which have been pretty interesting. But it's a ton of reading and the extra classes would make my schedule kinda rough.

So I guess what I'm really asking for those that graduated, what do you regret more: not taking more cool, interesting classes in college or not spending more time with friends and wasting time? 


sigmas are always looking to get minors, not just when they're graduating.


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