Cold email HF: Analysts or PMs?

I'm assuming analysts are more likely to read email, but an informed opinion would be helpful. I'm trying to get a position in a different city, but I don't have many connections there. I want to go brute force, but might as well do it intelligently.

I've been doing sell-side research for 4 years, and I've gotten good enough that at my annual review, my boss noted I'm a great stock picker. I don't have much beyond anecdotal evidence to hang my hat on, as our sales team never does anything besides trade their PAs with my ideas. I can get references from both sales and my boss, for what that's worth.


Analysts, most PMs are too busy to read or respond. Doesn't hurt to try both anyway though. If you cold email, your best bet is probably to send one or more actionable ideas with a brief summary. Everyone says they are a good stock picker, but talk is cheap. Of course, that means giving away an idea and potentially hearing nothing back, but if the ideas truly are good you are more likely to get a bite that way.


I can live with that. So:

1) What format should it be? Powerpoint? 2) How in-depth should the presentation and model be? 3) Would it be a bad idea to send out emails this week (during earnings)? 4) Is the best time to email in the afternoon? I'm exactly sure how I can do that with a full-time job, but I'll try and figure it out.

My inclination would be to keep it simple, both for my time and the reader's.


I've sent several unsolicited emails to some PM's and Analyst and the one thing that will get their attention is your best idea or top three and a sentence on why you took that view. Me emails were very concise.

If you get a reply ask for a informational meeting/call to learn about them and their group and discuss pitches.


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