How to create time for interviews with other firms during internship?

Hi all,

I’m interning at a boutique this summer and am re-recruiting for summer analyst roles for next year. The recruiting cycle for summer internships at BB/EB in London starts in August and interviews will start taking place in September, and since my internship this summer is quite long, they will conflict with the hours of my current internship (which finishes in October, right before the start of term at my university).

The problem is that I want to get a return offer upon graduation as security, but obviously the firm wouldn’t give me a return offer and in my case might even release me from my internship if they believe I don’t intend on returning after graduation.

My question therefore is how would I go about taking these 30 minute screening calls/interviews without creating suspicion during my internship. Ethics aside, I’m curious to know what excuses I would have to make to take these calls (e.g delaying my lunch break, etc).

Any help much appreciated guys.


If you’re from the area (i.e. interning in London but from just outside London or in South/North/Wherever), you could say that you have a doctors appointment that morning/afternoon in the area. Wear a suit jacket everyday for a few weeks preceding the interview, and keep your tie in your bag (that way you don’t come back from the “dentist” clean shaven, hair styled, suit and tie on). Will just look like what you always look like.


Is the FT timeline really interviews during SA?? That’s fucked up lmao


I had the same issues with the bank I am working for. I am as well interning as an European student (currently enrolled).
What I saw that really works without creating suspicion is saying I have compulsory calls with my uni I have to attend.

They can’t verify its true or false and they usually don’t ask you questions about it (obv I always wear the tie so no problem on that side - additionally I had the chance of getting only interviews till now, in person interview would be different)


Interesting. Not sure if this would really work with me as my boutique is really small. Think they would try to sus it out just out of curiosity which is risky


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