Lateraling after 1st day?

First day on the job today. I just received a phone call from another firm that I was really hoping to get into that they want me to move forward with the process. This other firm has been busy, so it’s been a solid month since any last contact. In that time, I accepted another role because the deadline to accept was looming, and I’d rather have a job than the prospect of one.

If I continue interviewing at the other firm and am successful, what’s the minimum amount of time I can spend here before lateraling?



There is no set-in-stone minimum time. It really depends on the bank you’re interviewing with and their stomach on the matter. If you have a good relationship with the people at the bank your interviewing at (say, a director is pulling for you hard) then you might be totally fine. If not, I’d expect the new bank to have concerns and probably boot you from the process. My question to you is: does the bank you’re interviewing with know you’ve started a new job? probably not, or you wouldn’t be asking is my guess.


Honestly, minimum is 1 year imo. But if you end up deciding you want to take the new job you’re still interviewing for, you can pretty much assume you’re burning bridges at the firm you’re currently at. I mean…you just started lol


Not an EB, but better than where I’m currently at (think regional boutique of 5 ppl vs well-known boutique in the area)


please do this. would find it hilarious if a new hire quit after one day to lateral to another bank

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I actually was in a similar boat not more than a couple years ago (1 week at the job [Sell-side ER associate] and then a firm, who I thought ghosted me, reached back out with an offer than included a very notable pay bump). I wrestled with it for a couple days as I was already comfortable and had taken a strong liking to my current team/boss. However, in the end, I decided to lateral. I emphasized to my boss that it was by no means personal, just a great opportunity that I would forever question myself on if I passed it up. I also figured it was better to lateral after 1 week than after 8 months when the training wheels have been taken off and you’re relied upon. In the end, my boss wasn’t upset (I think he realized he probably would’ve done the same in my shoes, and many would). Obviously our situations have some nuance (my firm was smaller, less likely to be blackballed) but I encourage you to consider that most times, the best thing to do is the hard thing to do. Good luck brotha


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