NYC Consumer PE/Growth Funds with decent comp but amazing WLB?

Looking to move to NYC, have always been the dream to spend a couple years in the city. Currently in SF and making decent comp at a growth shop but working a lot. Not too concerned about comp overall and want to optimize for a great WLB and have time to work on a few things on the side. Moving to NYC is a priority as well.

Ideally still looking to stay in finance or similar investing role broadly in the consumer sector but looking at other options like corp dev and product management as well. I say I'm okay with lower comp and to me that's in the range of $180-230k, which is a significant pay cut from where I'm currently at. 

I'm also only familiar with PE recruiters, open to suggestions and recruiting firms that primiarly focus on strategy, corp dev, product management, etc. Thanks in advance!


A lot of corp dev roles post directly with no HH involvement. I'm sure you do already, but make sure to be cruising LinkedIn, as well as checking career sites of your top 5 or so "dream corps" regularly. 

Not sure how much you're looking to optimize on WLB, but most investor roles are not going to be strong in that area. If it's a real focus and you want your evenings and weekends to yourself, you may need to look further downstream


Thanks and super helpful! Any suggestions on downstream roles that have good WLB but are also interesting? Interesting in the sense of 1) exposure into different areas, sectors 2) ability to build a meaningful network with modest travel opportunities 3) have some finance, strategy, negotiating component (understand this leans more into investing type role)


Credit, asset management, more corp-facing roles like strategy, IR, even something within a business line of the consumer space you're already familiar with. Since you mentioned PM, could consider actually going hands-on into a business unit and working that angle from a product. Sales if that's your skillset.

Many of these jobs won't travel much, especially i) out of NYC and ii) at the junior levels


Bump. Also looking for advice on product management roles. Understand these have come under fire recently and are quite competitive. I don't know much about them and with no tech background it'll be a uphill battle but wanting to learn more and see if PM or similar roles exist within a consumer company and what that package looks like


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