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Planning is currently underway for the 2014 event. The conference will be held Saturday June 28th at the Penn Top Ballroom at Hotel Penn (same as this year) in NYC. See inside the post for more photos, testimonials from this year's conference and some ideas we have to improve the conference for next year. and feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments.




New ideas we're thinking of implementing for the 2014 Conference:
1) We'd like to help facilitate cheaper accommodation for those coming from out out of town, particularly students. One idea we came up with is "Couchsurfing - WSO style" - To rent out your couch for the weekend to visiting conference-goers, sign up on our WSO Couchsurfing Spreadsheet

2) We'd like to organize an event Saturday night for those who are not 21. One idea is reserving a spot at Lucky Strike Bowl on W. 42nd. Thoughts?

Any other ideas for how we can improve for next year? Add it to the comments below!

What attendees had to say about the 2013 WSO Conference :

The conference was a lot of fun. I wish I had time to hear all of the panels in full. I was so busy talking with folks in the outside room that it was impossible to have all the conversations AND listen to all the panels. I was also hoping to spend more time speaking with a lot of the folks I've come to know here on the forums. The cocktail party and post-conference events are an awesome addition to the experience at the conference. Great job again this year WSO staff.

I believe it was wonderfully orchestrated. I enjoyed the panels and thought that having students network with them in the lobby while the speakers presented was a great tactic. In addition, the sponsors at the conference were a great addition for networking and awareness.

I believe that was the ideal banking conference. I honestly cannot think of suggestions except perhaps including icebreakers at the tables to get people comfortable with each other-even this suggestion would remove the lesson for any prospective IBanker to learn to network on their own.

Those are my two cents.

Conference was great for me. It was great to finally meet Patrick and a couple of the other SEO interns. It was also nice to meet Anthony in person as well. Event went really well from an overall perspective (IMO) and from my individual point of view. A lot of the things the panels said I had seen or heard before, either on WSO or in some of the guides but it was refreshing and motivating to see and hear it in person, not just reading it on a computer. The networking was also a great experience and great practice.

But yeah it was a great event, I enjoyed helping out and would love to do it again next year.

Great time, and that's considering I didn't go to either party. Next year I am going to go all out (i.e. stay the weekend) because it's totally worth it. Also want to be involved next year any way I can, I would love to contribute.

Thanks for a great day in the city, monkeys.

The conference was fantastic, met a bunch of great people from all over the place. It was nice being the only kid from Miami, haha. This was my first time at NYC; it was an exotic, interesting experience. The panels at the conference were cool, and the conversations I had with some of the panelists were invaluable.

I had a great time! I learned a lot during the panel sessions and I got a chance to meet some higher ups in the industry, which is great for someone young like me.

I'm already sure that I'll be there next year!

Dillian's speech was hilarious to say the least. He was a great keynote speaker and he was even able to answer some questions we had about his past experiences at work, the markets, etc.

One of the best things, especially for a youngin' like me, is that there were several people attending that held high positions in their respective fields. Getting to hear what they had to say about their respective industries and how they broke in (some of them being non-targets) was amazing.

Great event and amazing turn out. The conference continues to get better and bigger every year. Looking forward to the WSOCon 2014!

Awesome time. Great turnout. Everybody was cool, SideBar was fantastic.

The turnout next year will be tremendous, I take it.

Jared was very candid and entertaining. I really enjoyed talking to fellow attendees about career, alcohol, facial hair, and anything in between. Met a few really great contributors to this site (lookin' at you ITF), but was disappointed that I didn't get to meet the one and only blastoise. Oh well, there's always next year. The Sunday brunch was a great way of ending my weekend in New York. Overall, the sharp people and their joie de vivre are what made this conference so great for me. Thanks for Patrick and the WSO team for pulling it off, as well as the sponsors. Much love.

- All speakers were great.
- The raffles were awesome.
- Our demo has gotten better. (Girls and age/experience)
- I met Justin #2, so there's that
- I like the brunch and AM beers
- I wish I had enough hive fives and business cards for all the awesome volunteers, god bless you.
- Black shirts> White Shirts

See other posts about the conference: "WSO Conference Aftermath" and "WSO Conference 2013 The Recap"


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