Best Movie Monologues

The scene that made you realize you were a deal-closer, those monologues that make you want to sell everything you own, and move to a 50-acre ranch in Texas, or the moment that you realized that your entire life you are making decisions based on the balancing of societal implications of your true desires...

Best Movie Monologues

Most obvious for salesmen has to be Alec Baldwin in Glen Gary Glen Ross. Coffee is for Closers!

Most inspiring: Any Given Sunday - Al Pacino followed by Scent of a Woman, also Al Pacino.

Gives you the Chills: Last scene in Usual Suspects - Kevin Spacey (also present in GGGR ref. above)

Just Plain Cool: Michael Cain in Interstellar channeling Winston Churchill.

Just for Fun: First scene in Full Metal Jacket by R. Lee Ermey. Fun Fact: R. Lee was hired to be the military consultant to the film but Stanley Kubrick thought so highly of him he put him in the movie!

Most Helpful

• Al Pacino talking about God – Devil’s Advocate – makes you realize there’s a myriad of ways to perceive the metaphysical • Ed Norton talking into the mirror – 25th Hour – makes you realize that you can lash out all you want at supposedly how others annoy you, but in the end, it’s all on you and how you do life and how you do you • Robin Williams talking about life experience – Good Will Hunting – makes you realize that you have to remember that everyone looks at the world through their personal range of life experiences or lackthereof • Morgan Freeman talking about breaking parole and heading to Mexico to reconnect with Tim Robbins – Shawshank Redemption – makes you realize it’s never to late to find and cling to a bit of hope

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