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For some context, this is a little of my story (BTC Millionaire Thread):
I appreciated all the insight on my last post and was struggling between staying at my job in Commercial Real Estate Banking at a major NYC bank, trying to move on to RE PE, or using this fortunate bitcoin gain and trying to pursue what my dream has been for many years and playing poker full time.
I've played seriously for 11 years and built up almost no money to $150k from the 9th grade (2009ish) till mid 2017. I used that money to invest in bitcoin and it is what did well for me. Since my cash out in December, I've been doing really well playing higher stakes and am currently up around $100k playing about once a week. I also invest in my poker friends (who play full time now), and they are moving toward the top of the poker world. I am currently up $60k doing that. I used to be just as good as many but since I graduated college, have less time to play/study, and they have surpassed me.
I am planning on traveling and playing a lot of live tournaments and seeing how I do. On days I am home, I will be studying Game Theory Optimal software's that give ideas about optimal play in order to be the best player I can be. I will also utilize my poker network to gain insight into the best strategies to exploit player tendencies. I think I can do very well but I just really want to try to pursue something that is just incredibly stimulating/exciting and feel like now is a good time in my life (no family yet or serious gf etc).
I am planning on trying to buy single or multifamily properties in the Newark NJ area for a bit of diversification and also to potentially bridge the resume gap a bit. I also could do some part time real estate consulting on underwriting stuff that I did at my job (not sure, heard you could do this on Upwork and stealthforce).
So, I am curious if I wanted to get a job similar to mine back after 3-4 years (at commercial bank), what could be a story or something I could do to bridge the resume gap? I am not in trading so cannot just say poker (I don't think) and have that be well-received.

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