IB tips to control stress

Hi, my question is if there is any method to contrast or control stress, unfortunately my mistake is to contrast by eating but I think it is not the best way since I want to be very restrict with my diet, for an healthy way of living, what do you do (sport or something like that)?

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Hitting the gym, particularly doing cardio, can work wonders. I’d also try to stay away from an excessive amount of caffeine. Maybe swap out your coffee for green tea which has calming effects. Focus on getting high quality sleep on the weekends and limit alcohol consumption as both will lead to decreased performance and higher levels of cortisol (read: stress). On the attitude side, remember that no matter how important something may seem in the moment, it probably won’t matter in a few weeks / months / years. Take this time to focus on learning and getting better instead of thinking you need to be great day 1. Hope this helps

100% cardio is the greatest stress killer there is IMO. 45-60 minutes of cardio with say 70-80% in Zone 3, 15-20% in Zone 4, with the last 5-10% in Zone 5 (you want to finish with a hard sprint hating life) and you won't have a care in the world rest of the day.

"The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly" - Robert A. Wilson | "If you don't have any enemies in life you have never stood up for anything" - Winston Churchill

My biggest thing for stress is to remember this Succession meme.

You are an Excel Monkey. You spend your days moving logos around in PPT. You get paid a metric fuckton of money. If you fuck up you don’t die. You don’t have anyone’s life in your hands. No one is going to remember what you did at work next year let alone in 50.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can quit. The ability to just give your notice and quit is a huge deal. If you've only ever been an employee, you probably don't fully appreciate how amazing this is. But if you own a business, you probably have all the stress and workload AND you HAVE to keep going, or else a complex undertaking will collapse, other people will lose their jobs, and you'll have major financial liability in the form of counterparties who can sue you for your life's savings.

Even if your job is stressful, the hours are long, and your boss is a jerk, the knowledge that you could just quit and walk away if you chose to should give you great peace of mind.

Maybe spend some of that bread and treat yourself once in a while. Yes, saving/investing is important for down the road, but you gotta live a little now -  you deserve it. Spend a few grand and go on a multi-country vacation, slash on a few massage or chiropractor visits (or see if your HC plan covers this, utilize it), lift or do cardio to get that workout high, call your family and friends randomly even if you have nothing to talk about. Stress is the temporary pain we all pay to have access to a higher quality lifestyle. 


Hi, my question is if there is any method to contrast or control stress

What does contrast stress mean? I googled it as I have never heard it before and think you just made it up.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

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