Is it just me?

Is it just me or would the guys on the forum also concur, to some extent, with the below:

-Dating in NYC seems almost futile, easy to get a date with a hot chick but nothing ever comes of it. They're always down to make out (like we're in high school, what the fuck) but then either stop responding or say some bullshit about how they're too stressed to date or want to be with their ex (the fuck did u go on the date for). 'm done financing random fun nights for these girls.

-Reluctance to split dates. I would feel like a total bitch not covering a bill, but at the same time, I get the sense the girls don't show much respect and don't appreciate being taken out. Again, it's not savvy to keep repeating this...getting old.

-It being hard to get casual hookups with girls my age. I'm 23-27 range and girls under 28 just never want to simply hook up on a consistent, healthy basis. it's either retarded ass one night stands or they act like sleeping with them is some super big ask. Ofc, I have respect for girls that don't sleep around, but I just don't get why it's so hard to have a nice casual thing with a normal girl my age. Always got something with older women, and it's so simple with them. "I'm attracted to you, I don't want anything serious, you're nice/we get along, let's fuck good". Younger girls just seem to be so fucking complicated and retarded around the board. They act like they're all huge deals (even ugly fat chicks - it's fucking nuts).

-Do you think the prior is a result of the indoctrination which occurs in higher education institutions and a lot of media (Guess what!?!?! I said that, but I'm not hard core republican..fucking crazy right?). Essentially the notion that guys have become so simpy, submissive, and weak that girls just don't know how to act now. I swear to god, I've spent almost 3 years in NYC now and have not met a normal, humble, easy going pretty girl and I've spoken to probably about 75-100 girls in so many different contexts.

-To further expand on that point, has it come to anyone else's attention the body language between guys and chicks. I see so often, girls leading guys out of the subway, the guy learning on the girl, just really weird shit. 

-I don't want to say the grass is greener on the other side, but I think people are much more normal and able to engage in healthy relationships in Europe, Canada, and a lot of South America. American women just seem to be very mentally unstable and live in a completely delusional self-perception. No wonder mental health problems for young women is skyrocketing.

-When meeting girls at bars, they just seem off...They never make eye contact, act like whatever you're saying is retarded, then just giggle amongst their friends, can't stop looking at their phones. I could give two shits if this happens once or twice, but what the fuck it seems like this is the most common behavior. It's like they're on the autism spectrum.

Not seeing many friends having healthy relationships with women....I want to further understand this and see what can be done and would appreciate thought out, sincere responses. Thank you.

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investmentspanker, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It's you

If you want a "casual consistent hook up", you need to be way out of the girls league.

I'm guessing you're closer to 23 than 27. Once I hit 26, it was noticeable how much easier dating became. You're finally "older" to recent grads / college girls but you're not old yet. It makes a big difference. 23-25 is the worst time to be dating as an adult male.

But I'll say this - if you're struggling as a guy in NYC, you will struggle everywhere in the US. I've lived in several cities and NYC was so easy compared to everywhere else. Dating is a numbers game and nowhere else are the numbers better for young dudes in finance

Also RE the submissive thing - Tons of submissive girls out there who will ask me to order for them at dinner, tell them what to wear (they'll send me options before dinner or whatever), do whatever I ask in bed, etc etc 

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Dr. Rahma Dikhinmahas, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Something's going wrong on that first date.  Usually (at least in my case) getting the actual date is harder than getting them to smash.  Is your profile misleading in any way where they might be disappointed?  Height is a big one there.

But usually the issue isn't that, it's game.  You just have to get more practice and confidence.  I'd start with just paying the check and not having that awkward moment like "are we splitting this or . . . "  Just pay it, and if she offers to split tell her to put her card away and she can get the first round after dinner or something.

dirty_jerz, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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