Looking for NYC Roomate

Recently just had a roommate pull out of rooming together last minute.  I am kind of scrambling now, If you are looking for a roommate or know any good resources to find some people in similar situations I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment on this post to help me out.

I just graduated college, start work in July (corp banking).

Budget is up to $2k / month and would prefer to live in East Village or Murray Hill, but if the circumstances are right would move elsewhere.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here are some tips and resources to help you find a roommate in NYC:

  1. WSO Roommate Threads:

    • Check out the "2021 FT Roommate Thread" on Wall Street Oasis. Many users post their roommate preferences and contact details. You can find potential roommates who are also starting their careers and looking for similar living arrangements.
    • The "SA 2021 NYC Housing Thread" is another great resource. It includes advice on finding roommates and specific neighborhoods that are popular among young professionals.
  2. Preferred Neighborhoods:

    • Murray Hill / Gramercy: This area is very popular among young professionals working in Midtown offices. Prices range from $2k-$3k for solo living or $1.5k-$2.25k with roommates. The nightlife is good, and it's a convenient location.
    • East Village: While not explicitly mentioned in the context, East Village is known for its vibrant nightlife and relatively affordable housing options compared to other Manhattan neighborhoods.
  3. Alternative Neighborhoods:

    • Long Island City (LIC): Close to Midtown with lower cost of living. It's just 1-2 train stops into the city. Nightlife isn't as vibrant, but its proximity to the city makes it a viable option.
    • Hudson Square: Costs range from $1.5k-$2.5k, and with roommates, it can be even cheaper. It's a bit farther from most offices but still a good option.
  4. Timing and Strategy:

    • Start searching for roommates among your fellow incoming colleagues, via school networks, or LinkedIn. Initiate a dialogue and see if you click with someone.
    • Begin your search in late March and early April, aiming to commit to a place by May.
  5. Avoid:

    • Dorming at NYU, as it is expensive ($2.4k/month) and not ideally located for downtown or midtown offices.

Feel free to leave a comment on the relevant WSO threads or reach out to potential roommates through the forums. Good luck with your search!

Sources: SA 2021 NYC Housing Thread, Best neighborhoods to live WITH GF in NYC (and timing) - 1st year IB Analyst Midtown Summer 2019, 2021 FT Roommate Thread, NYC Analyst Housing Meltdown, 2017 FT Roommate Thread

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