Master's at LSE or take the IB offer?

Hi all, 

Recently I  got an offer to the LSE's MiM, but I also have a full-time IB offer for a low-tier BB  and honestly, I am not super sure what to do at the moment.

I did a summer in IB  last year. Looking back, I was not really thriving and am not sure if it is what I want to be doing, but the long-term opportunities seem to make it worth it to me to some extent.  Still, I have also been considering switching to something like consulting or going into tech or so entirely, as potentially it might be a better fit for me.  Anyways, since I was having a bit of a crisis about what I want to do in life, I started to apply to a lot of different jobs and some Masters, such as the MiM at LSE, and rather unexpectedly, I  got accepted. 

 Ngl after getting mostly rejected from a lot of stuff lol, I had just kind of come to terms with just taking the IB offer and doing it for a year or two and then seeing, but now this Master offer is confusing me since I like the programme a lot.  So just looking for some advice and insights from others on what I should do  - I mean would it be stupid for me to do a Masters when I literally have a job offer already?   Would the MiM at LSE even be worth it?

Just some more info from my side -  finishing my undergrad this year - so 20 y/o atm,  financing for the  Master's & living in London would be ok as I have a scholarship from my home country,  IB offer would be for London, longer-term (8-10 years) there is the possibility of me moving back to somewhere on continental Europe eg. Germany, Austria, France... (dw I speak the languages) where a Master is more of  a requirement for jobs afaik, I am fine working IB hours tbf but at this point I am also like  sure I like money but at the same time I also want to learn a lot, be treated well and enjoy my life. 

Any advice or insights or suggestions on what to do would be of much help, just trying to see some more perspectives.  Thanks a lot in advance. 

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