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Moving to NYC next Summer/Fall as an Analyst. My girlfriend will be completing a Masters at Columbia and I will be working in midtown east. Where would be the best places to live for me to be close (15 minute commute) to the office but for her to be close to a line that will take her to Columbia? She will be working as she attends so our budget is looking like ~$3,250/month.

What neighborhoods would be the best for us? Thanks in advance!


Based on the most helpful WSO content, I'd recommend considering the Upper East Side (UES). It's a bit more affordable and has a good number of bars and easy subway access to both east and west midtown for work. This could make your commute to midtown east quite manageable.

For your girlfriend, the UES is also conveniently located near the subway line that can take her to Columbia for her Masters.

Another neighborhood to consider is Murray Hill. It's close to firms in Midtown, and it's an easy walk to the East Village / Lower East Side when the weather isn't freezing. It's also within walking distance to a subway to take you anywhere else in the city.

Remember, for the type of apartments in your rental range, they are just not going to be available more than 4-6 weeks out. So, plan a few days maybe 4 weeks out to look at apartments.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your move!

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