Overdoing the partying on the weekends?

I started as a first year analyst in IB a little over a year ago and am starting to really wear myself out over the weekends to the point where I’m hung over until Tuesday. My typical weekend consists of going out friday night, drinking until 2-3am, waking up saturday around noon, then starting to drink/partake in other party favors around 3pm for the next 12 hours straight. Obviously, I recognize this is not optimal for my health but it seems like everyone I know who lives in the city is doing the same.

Anyone else going through anything similar? Would like to get involved in some healthier habits but always seem to gravitate towards the bars

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Having fun is part of the whole point of being in NYC, but here's my advice for the long term, as someone who enjoyed their analyst years outside of work, and probably doesn't remember plenty of it either. 

1. Spend 6 weeks fully dry and eat healthy / hit the gym routinely, you'd be surprised how different you feel - you may never go back. I seldom go past a drink or two anymore, and I never face a hangover. 

2. It's confirmation bias, you spend time around people that live like that, then yeah it's gonna seem that way that everyone in the city does it. Plenty of people I know in the industry never even touched party favors. Especially with how much headline news you see on the negative, why would you bother. I always heard "If Mac Miller can't get clean stuff, you sure as heck probably aren't." I knew a friend that thought they had clean stuff, got hospitalized for a breakdown, and tested positive for meth. 

3. Ultimately, I feel for many this is just your ability to pull it off, and mostly find enjoyment in it as an analyst + riding on the collegiate metabolism. As life wears on, you move up in your career, and become responsible for revenue, want to start thinking about finding someone to marry (maybe not, but I + many others have that goal), and you have stresses that actually matter (see: revenue production), ugly tax / medical / unexpected bills, finding a decent pad in the city, maintaining all your friendships / time with family, and saving money for real vacations + other stuff I cant think of off the top of my head. You'll probably feel that what you need to be focusing on is striving for a successful well balanced life. Wall Street can be a mean place - I saw analysts in my class miss the associate promo and face the stresses, I saw associates / vps+ get laid off and leave the industry etc. You may not feel it yet, but your body + mind will thank you for it in the long haul. 

None of this is said in a critical way, but in a more so - been there done that, just don't let it cause you to fall of the wagon line of advice. 


Absolutely agree - it's draining physically, emotionally, and financially to party constantly like that. I certainly had my phases where Wednesday's turn into the weekend, Friday's are pointless, Monday's terrifying, and Tuesday you start all over again. Been there, done that, and mostly over it - with the exception that a few times a year I go full degenerate, but that's far more rare. 

I absolutely think you should have fun, party, enjoy the city - but if you are hung over Tuesday, pull back on that. Turn Sunday fun-day into a hobby day - pick a sport, or something, and start going regularly. Something with accountability like a team sport or pre-paid class where you forfeit if you miss it. Make it enough to matter, but not enough to actually stress you financially. 

Also - careful about your reputation within your firm and the industry. Yes, there are a million books, tales, examples, and colleagues who are disasters. Pretty degenerate behavior is often overlooked, swept under the rug, or otherwise glorified in finance. The exceptions are when it interferes with business or creates risk within a team/function/hiring. People notice - bosses, colleagues, etc. - and while they make not care if things get done, but when they don't the excuses simply aren't there. I've yet to find anyone forgiving of being hungover during a key meeting or missing a deadline because you got 'food poisoning' the day after the super bowl. Icarus is often referenced for a reason in this context - don't fly too close to the sun, don't get burned. 


Oh, you're in a bit of a pickle, aren't you? I've seen this happen quite a bit in the IB world. It's a high-stress job and sometimes the release valve is a bit too much partying. But let me tell you, it's not sustainable in the long run.

First off, it's important to remember that just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of city life and the IB culture, but it's crucial to take care of your health.

Here's a bit of wisdom from the WSO threads:

  1. Try to limit your partying to special occasions or milestones. It's okay to let loose once in a while, but if it's affecting your work and health, it's time to reassess.

  2. Company drinking events can be a trap. It's important to remain professional and limit your intake. Remember, these are work events, not places to let loose.

  3. If you're working late hours during the week, make sure to get some rest on the weekends. It's tempting to go out and party, but your body needs time to recover.

  4. Find a balance between work, social life, and personal time. It's not easy, but it's necessary for your well-being.

  5. Consider finding a mentor or someone who can guide you towards healthier habits. It's always helpful to have someone who's been there and can provide some perspective.

Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself, and you'll be able to enjoy the journey a lot more. Cheers!

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I used to have the same lifestyle. Was fun as hell on the weekends and I still crushed workouts 5 days a week, ate healthy, etc. But even when the hangover was gone by Monday, I was still finding myself unmotivated and having an existential crisis about making a mistake going into the corporate business world. When COVID started, I did the opposite of most and went completely sober for 3 months.  It took a good month into it to notice the true impact, but i suddenly found the sense of motivation at my career that I always thought I just intrinsically lacked. I still party hard but more like once or twice a month at most as I just love it too much to give up completely, but it's crazy how that single change in my life changed my mindset from hating the corporate grind to actually enjoying it and looking forward to crushing my weeks (not saying it's all good and rosey, but I do generally enjoy it now). I do even notice the one weekend a month I party hard for a day or two that the following week I start having those negative thoughts and lack of motivation again. It's just not worth it. As much as I love to party, my life is so much better now that I enjoy most of the week instead of dreading it. 


Similar boat. Graduated from a party school and kept going hard once I started working full time. It’s just not sustainable to drink on both Friday and Saturday night. I fortunately had a strong reset when I switched jobs and cities. I’ve cut back to drinking maybe one night a week instead of 5-6 nights per week. Was even going through a six pack every couple days during the week having a beer while turning basic comments at home at 2am. Actually enjoying night life much more now that I’ve chilled out.

Found a HUGE increase to quality of life from this change. When I go out, it’s once per week and primarily to socialize. Sometimes I don’t even end up getting drunk by the end of the night. Can actually enjoy my weekend mornings now so I’ve been going to museums, brunches, Central Park etc. And instead of bar hopping all evening I’ve found specific events like a certain DJ, theatrical performance, art gallery etc.

Basically the fix for me was to orient my social life around having actual experiences rather than trying to sedate myself from the past week. My advice would be to think not about giving up the fun of going out, but gaining the fun of a more balanced, memorable, fulfilling weekend.


Kinda been through the same. Took a few months since getting to the city to get ramped up on knowing the good places and having a solid social network to where there was always something to do. Then the end of spring into the summer was a stars aligning of fun stuff all the time.

It was fun for awhile but my body has started to deteriorate. Something is always wrong with me health-wise. I beat one ailment and then something else pops up, really annoying and can ruin quality of life depending on the ailment. I’m finally kinda turning things back. I want to make it through this next year so I can get one more bonus, and know I’m just gonna need more balance to do it. Bit of a mental fight right now, I can feel like shit all week, but then Friday around 5 I’m just like I gotta go out. I think the only going out once a weekend is gonna be my first step.


I'd cut out the frequent Coke to be honest. But besides that I drink 3-4 nights a week+, haven't gained any weight, I'm 30+, in pe. It's like pretty easily doable. I can't fathom all these 20 somethings living like suburban fathers but paying west village rent.. 

orrr ***hear me out*** God's sanest cokehead maybe a little lesssssss drinking and moooorreee coke?

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee
Isaiah_53_5 💎🙌💎🙌💎

I'd cut out the frequent Coke to be honest. But besides that I drink 3-4 nights a week+, haven't gained any weight, I'm 30+, in pe. It's like pretty easily doable. I can't fathom all these 20 somethings living like suburban fathers but paying west village rent.. 

orrr ***hear me out*** God's sanest cokehead maybe a little lesssssss drinking and moooorreee coke?

Speaking my language.

I've found that I can survive a Friday ski sesh and then a mountain-free Saturday. You can do the reverse, but be prepared to deal with a sleep-deprived Sunday, especially if you have work to do. Just do one day or the other, DO NOT do both; sampling the smell of your keys on both days will not only really hurt your body, but your wallet too. 

But I'd TOTALLY never condone the use of sick-as-fuck illegal substances. Don't know where Isaiah got that idea. I'm not going to inadvertently teach the youth the most optimal methods of consumption on here. As I'm sure you know, it affects everybody differently and some can be productive while others can't. Safety is #1. 


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