Thoughts on the College Football Playoff?

Interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the College Football Playoff. Did the committee get the rankings correct? Did Florida State deserve the #4 spot, or was Alabama the right choice? Did Georgia get snubbed?


Comical that an undefeated ACC champ doesn't make it in. Wouldn't surprise me to see it kill the conference in the long run. 

College football is a disaster these days in general though. Game's gone. 

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Cant be upset with FSU not getting in and not really care in the past when Boise State, UCF, etc. got snubbed. Dont give me any 'power 5' this or that, the ACC stinks on ice.

Was there some selection committee trickery to get an SEC team in? Sure. Had Georgia won instead of Bama, then I guarantee you that FSU gets in over Texas. But the committee needed an SEC team, and you cant have Bama over Texas because of the H2H, so both get in and FSU gets snubbed

Sucks, but college football has always been ruled by politics. FSU usually benefits in this case, but Bama and Texas called rank on them. Im sure FSUs tears will stop when they do the same and screw over the rest of the ACC by leaving it


Washington gets in because they beat a very good Oregon team twice. Texas is ahead of Bama because they beat them. Had Georgia beat Bama, I guarantee Texas would have been snubbed and playoff would be Michigan, Georgia, Wash, FSU. However, with Bama winning, they need an SEC team, so Bama’s in, but you can’t put Bama ahead of Texas, so Texas goes 3 and Bama gets 4 seed. Fact is, even if they were weak conferences, the chips just fell in the favour of Washington and Texas this year. Also consider that the CFP committee factors in star player injuries too. Really shitty for FSU, but especially with Travis’ injury, the chips didn’t fall their way. When Bama at least gives Michigan a good game and FSU gets destroyed by a very good Georgia team, it will be clear that the hard choice was the right choice. This is why they need to expand the playoff. Teams like FSU and Georgia should still be competing. Fwiw, I say all this as a neutral observer, not a fan of any of the teams mentioned


FSU and Boise State are completely different. FSU scheduled 2 SEC teams out of conference, both away from home, beat one without their starting QB and destroyed the other led by a Heisman QB. Duke, Miami FL, Louisville and Clemson on the road are decent wins too. Pre-bowl games, that's 6 wins right there better than Boise State's second best win (only 1 decent win against a 4 loss Oregon State team). FSU defense is legit and might have best WR duo in the country. Just beat a top-15 team with their third string QB.

Sure Bama would beat FSU tomorrow, but FSU deserved a spot.


FSU got snubbed. Undefeated power 5 and don’t get in? Might as well just say regular season doesn’t matter, let Vegas pick the top 4 at the beginning of the season


There really wasn't a right answer and I blame to committee for not setting clear guidelines 10 years ago. Personally, I'm sick of Bama and they should've lost to Auburn.

On the flip side, we have a lot of parity this year which isn't always the case. Regardless, 12 teams next year is going to be a blast. Hoping they don't screw it up from there.

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They had laid out clear criteria in the past and through that criteria it would have been Florida State not Alabama. They flipped the script once it was going to impact the amount of advertising they could sell for the game.

My biggest issue with this whole thing is that they essentially admitted the regular season means nothing. This is going to incentivize teams to schedule chicken shit out of conference games like the SEC does every year. Alabama hasn’t played a P5 team on the road since 2011 for example, which is ridiculous. Notre Dame does the same shit as well as they tried to buy themselves out of a contracted game but the other school refuse and beat them by 21. 

Every other conference in the country schedules one legitimate out of conference game per team each year. If they didn’t they could have a 13-0 Florida State, Oregon, or Texas every year for the most part. Mainly pissed off because I love seeing games like App State vs UNC, which will never happen anymore after what they did to Florida State. 


Alabama played Texas in 2022 in Austin, but I see your point regardless. SEC schools usually take cakewalks for their OOC games.

Texas has Michigan in Ann Arbor next year and has scheduled Ohio State in the back half of this decade, if my memory serves me correctly.


It probably the right call, but if the logic is really that FSU isn't a top 4 team without Travis then why are they number 5? If its about who are the best team's now, does the committee think FSU is better than Georgia or Ohio State without Travis? Because that's what their ranking say.


I'm of the mind that FSU's entire starting offense could be out for the playoffs and they should still be in the playoffs.  They're an undefeated P5 conference team, didn't have a cupcake schedule out of conference, and the selection should be based on what a team did on the field during the season instead of what they may do on the field in the playoffs due to an injury.  Bama should not be in.  You have 3 undefeated P5 champs who should all be in.  For the sake of argument, say that UT and Bama are the best 1 loss teams and the nod goes to UT.  

IMO, this is a far worse outcome/decision than any made by the computers during the BCS era. 

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The issues is their conference isn't very strong only two teams with 10 wins.  Their confrence championship performance hurt them significantly, win by 10 over a puff team that beat up on a conference that have 5 teams with above .500 win percentage in a conference with 15 teams.  That is a weak trail to carve.   If Florida state went into their conference championship and won by 30 we would be looking at a very different decision. 


Bad argument - a #16 L'ville team isn't a "puff team" - they're a top 20 team.  If we're throwing the puff label around like that, Bamaa squeaked out wins over unranked Auburn and Ole Miss teams and was in a 17-3 rock fight with South Florida....Forgetting the fact that they actually lost a game. FSU also won more convincingly over common opponent LSU.

EDIT:  Ole Miss not unranked - looked at wrong name on schedule initially

I come from down in the valley, where mister when you're young, they bring you up to do like your daddy done

CFB is just not the same anymore, but maybe that's because my team's program has been in the shitter since the mid-2000's.

As far as the committee's decision, they were inconsistent with their picks. Nobody (including me) believes in Washington, yet they're the 2 seed. If they're going to "give them a shot" because they won every game and deserve it (and rightfully so, they do deserve a shot), then do the same with FSU. Yes, Bama (AND Georgia imo) is one of the best four teams, but that doesn't mean they should get in this year.

Equate it to the pros. The best teams deserve to get to the Super Bowl, and many times do, but sometimes the matchups aren't favorable and you see a second year QB fresh off an ACL tear take the Cincinnati Bengals nearly all the way.

Michigan is gonna get throttled by Alabama. Texas will eek by Washington in an ugly game that Texas should be open-and-shut with. Bama wins the title in a great championship game.


There is no way that there would be 2 SEC teams.  People tend to forget just what a media powerhouse Texas is.  The LHN makes more money per year than the entire athletic departments of Michigan and Ohio State combined including their TV money.  That doesn't even take into account the ticket sales that UT does. 


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