Need to find some more recommendations. For as busy as I am, having my own office has allowed me to do way more shit like binge YouTube stuff whenever I'm waiting for stuff to happen (often, come on interns) or have some downtime (not often, also come on interns). I've found so many great creators over the years, so figured I would drop a few names for you all and ask for some in return. Here are some of my longtime favorites:

  • Modustrial Maker - found this guy a couple of years ago on his 'Abandoned Building' renovation series. He bought a commercial three-story building in Chicago and has been renovating it himself with an extreme industrial and modern vibe. I look forward to this fucking episode every month. Dude is insanely talented.
  • The B1M - weekly construction videos about insane projects coming up. Ridiculously high production quality, and fascinating content. For beginners, dive in with the videos about Norway's $47B Coastal Highway, or maybe Why NY's Billionaires' Row is Half-Empty. New videos every week, always binge 'em day of.
  • OffTheRanch - this guy likes guns. His other channel (I think 10-12M subs by now?) I found awhile ago when getting my firearm, I found this other channel. Similar to Modustrial, he bought an 'Abandoned Mansion' in TX and has renovated it w/ his family for the past three years. Recently completed. Love this guy, great energy. 
  • Justin Tse - new technology reviews, real estate designs, workplace productivity ideas, and generally cool shit. I'd say 3/4 of the things I have in my apartment are directly based on his style. Love the vibe he puts out, and I can't tell you how many time's I've seen a video when he reviews something only to order it an hour later. This man has cost me so much money. Worth it.
  • Jarrod Tocci - dude builds and reviews RV/camper van conversions. Some crazy stuff on here, and getting to look inside for the idea/inspiration aspects are awesome. 
  • Erik Conover - found Erik from travel videos a while back. He reviews insane properties across the country (NY/LA/Miami) and displays real estate tours of luxury listings, often $10M+ for us to see. Gives me insane motivation every time I want to quit my job and become a gym teacher at 2am. 
  • CitationMax - I'm not an aviation geek by any means, but I've been following this guy since when he had <500 subscribers. Now he's got his own plane. Lots of cool flight stuff, really enjoy watching him pilot the jet. I used to be really big into FSX, so the interest was always around. 
  • Practical Engineering - similar to B1M, albeit slightly more analytical. These guys highlight things that you wouldn't think of in your DtD, whether it be road layout and design improvements, infrastructure ideas, and everything on the engineering side of things. The way they break it down is fantastic, the graphics/visuals are straightforward to understand, and I enjoy the content.

That's a quick list for you all. Hope you all found some new creators that you may enjoy - a lot of good stuff out there. If anyone's got some suggestions for me (either tapered to the above activity, or just anything else), let me know. Always love exploring new content. 

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Neutral Drop - Have you ever wanted to see how much abuse a car can take? These NYC guys beat cars to absolute pulps outside of the scrap yard.


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