Most Prestigious "Big 4 Fashion Week Cities" To Model In?

I'm an ASO2 (6'4 and rated by most girls as a 9.5/10) at a mid-upper BB (think GS/MS/First Boston/JPM) who recently got scouted by a modelling agency due to family connections.

Seeing as bonuses in IB are expected to plummet for the foreseeable future and I'm really burned out from long working hours, I thought it's prime time to lateral into the fashion industry.

Which of the "Big 4 Fashion Week Cities" is the most prestigious? The problem is that although I love the glamour, women, cocaine, nightlife, etc of modelling, I still want all the prestige of high finance. If I modelled in some bottom bucket city like Toronto or LA, I would be laughed at by my Hinge dates, friends from prep school and folks at the country club. So out of London, New York, Paris and Milan, which one is the most prestigious?

If there is a tiebreaker, please use the quality of women (physical attractiveness) to seal the deal.

(This is for runway modelling, not some second-tier commercial/catalogue modelling.

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