Whether to choose LSE or Cass?

I am currently a third-year undergraduate student in Commerce. I am extremely passionate about Shipping and Physical Commodities. I had applied to Cass's MSc Shipping, Trade, and Finance and have got an acceptance letter. However, I am also interested in History and Economics. I had applied to MSc International Political Economy and MSc Economic History at LSE. I got rejected for MSc IPE and got an acceptance letter for MSc Economic History. 

I love Shipping, I fell in love with it right after reading lofty tales of Onassis, Niarchos, and Naess but it is an extremely closed and secretive industry, mainly centered in Europe and Singapore. It is said that to be into shipping you have to be born into it. The chances of an outsider like myself getting recruited into shipping are almost slim to none. Moreover, I am a citizen of a poor developing country, the chances of a company sponsoring a work visa for me to work in Europe or Singapore are also slim. So, should I take a gamble by going into Cass for MSc Shipping?

Also, is the MSc Economic History worth it? What are the chances of getting a job? I am really interested in the subject. I am applying for the program as my hobby in my undergrad days was reading Economic History.

I am also dead set on having a career in either physical commodities or shipping. I have not interned with any of the commodity trading firms or shipping firms because, they are almost non-existent in my country. Earlier I had planned on applying to Grad programs of Glencore/BP/Shell/BHP/Rio TInto but they only take citizens of the respective countries for the programs. So, is any of the above degrees would help me for a career in Shipping/ Physical Commodities? because my ultimate aim is for a career in Shipping and Physical Commodities.

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Go with CASS. Yes, LSE is the bigger name but CASS places well in London and most other places around the world. LSE's pure MFin or similar courses do well in traditional banking roles, but if you want to do something with Shipping then a relevant course is the way to go. Taking MSc Economic History over something you want to really do would be like taking a Geology degree an Oxford over a Civil Engineering course at a good, but mid-table university to try and become a Civil Engineer. In this instance I would say relevance (and passion/interest) over pure brand name. A quick LinkedIn scan to see where people have landed can't hurt, but I think you'll be fine at CASS

Well, name checks out. Even if you’re not from a shipping family do you at least know anyone in the business? That’ll go a long way. I think for niche stuff you might wanna also reach out a bit to people in it. They’ll give much better insight. You said poor country I imagine you’re not Greek?

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