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Looking to negotiate total comp on an offer that I received, I have recent comps based off of ranges that I got from other roles. My question is should I be negotiate by saying this specific firm is offering X amount and this other is offering Y amount, if you can get closer to that then it would be a compelling offer. Or should I avoid throwing out names and say something like I have an offer from a similar fund for a similar role and they’re offering me X.

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Don't name names.

Also, it sounds like you don't actually hold those offers, but just pulled ranges from postings/other processes? Don't say you have offers you don't and if this is your only offer, tread carefully. Some places will just say we are too far apart and yank the offer. 

I would say something along the lines of "thank you for the offer, I enjoyed meeting everyone and think it would be a great fit. Based on my other processes I was expecting comp to come in around x (or if you actually hold an offer at X, you can say your other offer is at X but this firm is your top choice). I'd love to join the team but can we discuss any room on salary?"


Just a few thoughts:

- A few dollars here and there is immaterial

- Are they a good, solid shop, where you can learn and prepare yourself to make some serious $ down the road?

- Do you like the people?

- Given current recruiting environment, if you like the team, and they are good, don't fuck it up over small dollars. This would be a material, strategic mistake on your part. You can show them who has the bigger dick by telling them to fuck off, too.


Yeah I understand that. I never liked the idea of passing up dollars just so that you don’t seem too demanding. Did that for my first role and while it was a great learning experience, I always knew I was underpaid. Not making that mistake again. I know what’s market and it’s reasonable then i’ll go after that, even if that means I have to pass up on the role.


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