We actually just worked on a deal with Bayside Capital, their distressed debt group.

Their guys seem to be pretty chill and all come from pretty high pedigree. I can't speak too much about their deal flow but I'm sure its alive and well. I believe they have 140ish professionals with $7.5B AUM.

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Deal flow is pretty strong and HIG's funds have done really well historically, i.e. top quintile. Their teams do come from a pretty high pedigree and the analysts say it's a pretty laid-back place on their level (the analysts are pretty close to one another, probably because most of them moved down to Miami without knowing too many people there and the South Beach scene plays itself out pretty quickly)...but on a more senior level, the place has a more cutthroat reputation. I really recommend you meet with them in person (assuming you have the opportunity) before forming an opinion though, especially on their culture

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While I have no idea what it is like to work there, I can tell you what it is like to work with HIG as a client:

One of my fellow analysts worked on a transaction with them and said that every friday night they would email him directly asking him to do some "task" for them. Basically, they outsourced their personal research to this poor guy who spent his weekends doing stuff he shouldn't have been doing. Completely wrecked half of his first year.

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Hey dollabilz, could you share a little more about the phone interview, like what were case studies about. Were most of them back of the envelop LBO cases? Also how long did it take to setup the phone interview?


Hmm...a friend of mine interiewed there a couple of weeks ago, and they told him they filled the spot already, although it could have been for a slightly different role.


Interviewer was a super nice lady - it was for a back office Analyst position supporting associates at Bayside Capital.

Unfortunately, she gets on the phone and says, "I still wanted to keep our interview schedualed because I wanted to learn about your background - but I found out this morning that they filled the position."

WTF!!! I was like "Bummer! - Seriously!" As odd as it may seem, this made me extremely comfortable the rest of the interview and I think it went OK. It was just me talking and she didn't ask any questions. She said she would definitely keep me in mind for future roles (for whats thats worth - $0). We will see I guess. She said they were having a problem filling the role and thats why it came to her, which surprised me. She is a recruiter there.

Bummed out big time - glad I have a job right now at a distressed debt fund or I would be extremely depressed. So close...........

@sofib09 - tell me about your friend


He's in banking now, with experience in debt capital raises, but he doesn't have distressed debt experience. I think they may have been looking for that.

Was it really BO? For some reason, I was under the impression it was FO.


Any advice on breaking in? I'm at a PE shop where the CEO is ex-HIG.

I would... but the truth is I can't sell my soul to myself... http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blackknight.asp

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