Lateraling to different PE industry vertical

Asking for a friend - has been working at an industry specific PE shop for a bit (O&G) in Texas but his fiance/wife to be is from a MCOL in the NE and would like to relocate there to begin their next steps in their personal lives. All good by him, he loves the city, and actually seemingly relishes it because he's been Texas based his whole life. Issue is is he would like to stay in PE, and there are a fair amount of LMM funds in the target city, but none in the same industry vertical he's in currently. How does he go about approaching some of these funds about making a move, explaining the rationale of S/O wanting to move back to the city. I'd like to tell him that it shouldn't be that hard because the city isn't that desirable from a finance professional standpoint that he's competing with a ton of qualified candidates, but he's having a hard time crafting the experience piece of his story. 


Your friend's situation is quite common and understandable. Here are a few strategies he could consider:

  1. Leverage his current industry expertise: Even though the PE firms in the target city may not be in the same industry vertical, his expertise in O&G could still be valuable. He could position himself as someone who could bring a fresh perspective or diversify the firm's portfolio.

  2. Networking: This is key in the finance industry. He should reach out to alumni, former colleagues, or even cold email people at the firms he's interested in. He should explain his situation and ask for advice or if they know of any opportunities.

  3. Headhunters: They can be a great resource for finding opportunities and can also provide advice on how to position himself.

  4. Craft his story: He needs to explain why he wants to move to the new city and why he's interested in a different industry vertical. He should focus on the transferrable skills he has gained in his current role and how they can be applied to the new industry.

  5. Consider an MBA: If he's finding it difficult to make the transition, an MBA could provide the opportunity to pivot to a new industry or role. It would also give him access to a large network and recruiting opportunities.

Remember, it's not just about the city or the industry, it's about finding a role and a firm where he can add value and continue to grow his career. Good luck to your friend!


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