Lion Capital and HM Capital

Just out of curiousity, is Hicks, Muse, Tate and Furst (aka HM Capital) half of what it used to be now that Lion Capital is the spin-off? Is HM Capital still a legit shop, or did most people jump to Lion? Anyone know the story behind this?

I know Tom Hicks just raised a 500mm SPAC, is this seen as a good move for the fund or a sign of desperation because they can't raise?

Best Response

Pretty sure no one left HMTF for Lion Capital. The company was formerly "Hicks Muse - Europe", so there wasn't really any overlap. I believe HM Capital's current fund size is ~$1.6 bn and their next fund will be more like $1.0 bn. As I understand it, HM's more recent funds have gotten progressively smaller because Tom Hicks left - it has nothing to do with Lion Capital.

To your second question: Tom Hicks no longer has ties to HM - I believe he is running a fund called "Hicks Holdings" now.


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