Final Round Interview With Group Head - Confirmation Interview?


Did a super day Friday morning (did really well) and got strong feedback almost immediately after and was told they would have one last interview with the Group Head on Tuesday and that it would only be ~15 minutes. Then they will have a final decision for me mid week or end of week. 

I want to be optimistic on this and believe that they don't have the Group Head talking to several different candidates post-superday but i'm also not sure why they would wait until week end to give an offer if they didn't have other candidates still alive in the process? 

Assuming I don't totally shit the bed on Tuesday, would you lot generally assume the final, final round will be more of a confirmation round before receiving an offer, or do you think there are likely other candidates doing post-superday interviews with the group head? Anyone have any insight as to what this means, whose seen it from the inside? 


I'd be very surprised if they don't have him talking to at least 2-3 other candidates, and the timing they gave you seems to confirm that.

These are not just check the box interviews, as the group head he can give a yes/no on anyone so they will not just give him one candidate or expect him to rubber stamp anyone he's not sold on. The short time is likely because he has a tight calendar rather than being a less serious interview... would prepare for mostly fit/motivational type questions but have to be ready for everything of course.


I'd say it's likely you're one of just two or three candidates at this point. If it's a big firm they're more likely to be talking to more candidates. If it's a smaller firm running a totally unstructured recruiting process I actually would think it's fairly likely that you might be the only candidate at this stage right now. 

It does frequently take 1-3 business days to get an actual offer turned around. Different internal processes have to play out its nobody on the deal team's first priority during working hours to pass their feedback/approval/etc. on to HR. 


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