PE HH Intro Calls Starting

Hey guys,

I have been hit up by 3 of the larger HH shops (CPI, HSP, Gold Coast) to have intro calls. Knowing this, I'm sure many of you have been too. For those that have had these intro calls already (or did last year's cycle), are these introductory calls purely informational, or are they also technical? I have been prepping on-cycle off and on the last 3-4 weeks with intention to prepare daily in a couple of weeks. I am still somewhat unsure if I want to hit on-cycle for a couple of reasons. First, I am really interested in late stage buyouts at UMM/MF firms but my bank/group traditionally does not have the best placement (not comparing firms, but think west coast Tech Coverage BB that is not your GS, MS, JPM, BofA that does not have the best placement into tech buyouts). Second, it just seems very early to be engaging in on-cycle for me, and I feel that between getting licenses, trained, and having to prepare for on-cycle I may be stretching myself too thin (on top of trying to enjoy this period between school and job start date lmao). I also don't want to engage HHs if I seem a bit unsure or feel a bit unsure.
What has been the vibes from these intro calls if you have already participated? Also, if anyone has tips about my current state in engaging on-cycle, that would be great.


I had deal experience during my SA, so I was asked to talk through that.


4-5 in the last week? Damn can’t even get one as an incoming analyst lol


Cousin told me the same - his email wasn't on Linkedin (so dumb) so they couldn't find him - make sure the HH can reach you! 


Have had 4 or 5 of these in the last week or so. Realativly relaxed 15-20 min calls, what kind of opportunities are you looking for, what did you do during school, tell us about your background, why PE, etc. HSP call was a bit technical, asked to walk through a deal and they gave me a couple BIWS technicals, but thats it.

Did CPI make you do a paper-LBO?


These seem to be much more relaxed than other information regarding past years coffee chats, which makes me think they will have more formal ones later. I have 3 scheduled, and the one I just did was incredibly relaxed, even tried to help me “work through” answers to future questions (luckily I had already prepped, but will be nice for those that have been focused on technicals and not behaviorals so far into their prep). Also offered to talk again.


Second this, one of the firms mentioned to me that they will be in touch for a more formal introduction during the summer


Yeah, feel like they are possibly getting an early feel of how interested candidates stack up against each other and trying to spurn the non ready candidates to be more prepared for when they reach out again in summer. 


Had a few as well. They seem to be relatively chill. Just wanted to know what type of investing I’m interested in, my background story, etc.


I have filled out all the forms (either through website or through emails they have sent) but have not received any emails to schedule a chat. Is this bad or will they start to reach out soon. A buddy of mine has had CPI, Ratio, HSP and GC reach out to them and we filled out the forms around the same time, so I just want to make sure


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