Managed to get a full-time job during my undergraduate degree

Hello everyone. My story is quite specific and I would like to share it with you. Along with that i would also like to hear your advice. First, sorry for the inaccuracies in my language. English is my fourth language, but I'm in the process of learning it.
I live in Russia. It is known that despite the fact that in our country there is a fundamental prospect for diversified development, including in the financial environment, for many years there has not been an appropriate infrastructure.
I graduated from high school just two years ago and went to university. My specialty is Economics, but due to the fact that I despise formal education, preferring self-education, I spent very little time on the university, only turning in everything I needed.
However, a long series of acquaintances, which it makes no sense to talk about in detail, led me to a person who works in a Private Equity firm founded by partners from Russia and Turkey. As a result, I managed to get an internship in this foundation in the summer after my first year. But then I was offered a job as an analyst at this place. Since September, I switched to an individual study plan at the university and concentrated on work.
In fact, it was very strange, a couple of years ago I was at school and dreamed that someday I would get a job in a hedge fund, and very soon I was already working side by side with people who had respectable experience and transaction history.
I hope to work here until my bachelor's degree, but then I would like to leave this place. I don't know where can i go after that with 3 years of experience, because I am aware that the situation is unusual.

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