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Good morning everyone,

I recently began a new job search as I felt it was best for my career to try and make the switch from corporate development.  I am currently in the process for a few IB roles, smaller PE, and some strategy roles.  However, I got the opportunity to interview for a pretty interesting opportunity.  I have been interviewing for an investor relations gig (Think MF IR team).  I have seen a lot of posts on here discussing that investor relations has limited exit opportunities.  I understand that IR does not have any deal exposure so it makes it difficult to transition onto a PE investment team.  My question specifically is given that I already have deal experience due to working on an extremely acquisitive deal team is how hard would it be to move back onto the deal side if I didn't end up enjoying IR.  For additional context, the corporate development team I was on was rather sophisticated in our investment strategy and deal process.  We were building out all our models in house, running full fledge processes on our own, and doing operational work and analysis for our portfolio companies.  Would it be possible to move back downstream to a smaller fund (Maybe MM?) if it did not work out in IR?  Any advice would help given that there is not a lot of discussion about IR on this site.  Additionally I already have an offer from one of the previously mentioned roles and expecting to get a few more offers based on my processes.  Is it not even worth considering IR if you got offers for the initially mentioned roles?  Thanks for any advice on this.  Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.  

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You can make a very good living in IR. TBD if you’ll get carry, which varies across the street, but generally speaking high 6 figures low 7 figures is achievable. There are roles for both process managers / execution focused professionals and for distribution (sales) people.

Raising money is significantly harder than deploying it and the EV of these assets managers is a function of management fees. Many firms have come to understand that capital formation is incredibly valuable.


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