Structured Finance Analyst Looking to do RE IB/PE

Fellow Monkeys,

I seek to tap the WSO hivemind for some advice regarding my current situation and plan. Looking for external validation regarding my intentions to switch from an Analyst role in a structured finance group at a BB to a real estate group in either IB or PE. For background, I have always been interested in RE and would say I have a good understanding of the industry at a more micro scale (purchasing a house, cash flowing properties, ect.) , and would like to understand it at a more corporate level and make it my actual full-time job. 

Currently, I am trying to figure out where my efforts are best spent in order to make this switch. My ultimate goals are surrounding acquiring my own properties at a level of scale; which I feel I would be able to do in my own shop after 10+ yrs in a reputable RE IB & RE PE group. The issue I have in the immediate is figuring out how I should go about getting into such groups.

My plan is do re-educate myself on all the normal technicals that are required for IB interviews as my current domain of knowledge is more surrounding structuring ABS deals / the market niches that I focus on in my job.

Additionally, I wanted to hear if anyone had success with either of the WSO RE programs below / any other real estate IB prep course: 1)…, 2)…

Last, and most important - was planning on reaching out to all alumni of my group / school possible who are in either REIB or REPE. 

Was thinking this timeline was possible for a lateral execution after bonuses are paid in July / August. Let me know what you guys think. Appreciate all input / hearing success stories on anyone who had success switching to RE at a BB.


Most Helpful

REPE likely not possible without REIB, or at least IB. Have you thought about an internal transfer? Depending on the BB, some give a massive leg up to internal movers. Structured finance is a pretty solid group so think you'd get some traction.

Of course, tough hiring market right now will make it difficult to move in ~6 months. IB is currently laying off, not hiring, and any places with a need are going to have pick of the litter of experienced IB folk - why pick someone with a somewhat relevant background when you have 50 apps with an extremely relevant background.

Would focus more on learning the corporate level and understanding big transactions, competitive landscape, etc - a "why RE IB" of "I want to buy my own properties and I bought a house once" is not a good story, so work on that too. 

I would cross-post this in the RE forum if you haven't already.

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