TS vs T&S for PE?

Hello, I need an advice on what to do next. I am an European graduate student with two possibilities. Both appeal for different reasons.
Salary does not play much of a role.

1) Transaction services analyst at B4 in the country I am graduating in.

+) analyst role

+) better country (work wise)

+) technical role, good to kickstart career

-) not sure I want to do FDD

2) Transaction and Strategy graduate program at another B4 in my home country.

+) rotation in CF, FDD, and Strategy (T2)

-) traineeship means more flexibility but probably taken less seriously in terms of seniority for potential next steps(?)

-) home country (where I want to go back, but in a few years, worse job market especially for younger professionals)

I know I'd rather be in T&S because of the less quantitative/monotonous work and more strategic/commercial approach. On the other hand I believe I could gain more of the hard skills in FDD (~ similar to IB?). Maybe it is also possible to rotate internally to CF (which is most probably more interesting) which would make it worth it.

I aim to eventually get into PE in my home country, though i'd like to gain some work experience abroad in these first years of career, PE or not. I don't think i'd be ale to move out of my country after the grad program so this could be my good chance to stay abroad.

Which seems like a better option? Anyinsightosimilar experiences/choices.

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Jul 4, 2022 - 2:12pm
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