Worst LBO in past 10 years?

Hey guys, I'm doing a project for my school, and we were asked to analyze an LBO in the past 10 years that was over 1B. I really want to find a unique bad one to analyze because it seems more fun. A quick google search doesn't do me too much good. Any ideas?


Came here just to say this lol - recent LBO so bad, it singlehandedly sank the KKR brand. Only issue for OP is that if he's looking for something unique, well, odds are half his classmates will also be picking this one.


I’ll second Ceasers especially since there is a fairly detailed book out there about it which would really help with your research


Bain Capital lost their shirt on Atento, and then the lenders took over who then also proceeded to lose all their money. Look at where it trades now. I struggle to think of a worse one than this


Direct lender here. Lol we’ve taken the keys from pe firms on several deals but nowhere near the magnitude of dollar loss these MFs suffered. 


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Ugh the FBI still quotes the Dow... -Matt Levine

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